Star of David MT Bio-Tensor Energy Level Tester
Star of David Aluminum Ring: MT Bio-tensor
Wooden Grip with Straight Rod - MT Bio-Tensor: Energy Level Tester

Star of David Symbol Straight Rod | MT Bio-Tensor

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* This Biotensor includes a storage case and extra exchange part

Biotensor exchange part Includes

This custom-designed "Star of David" model is based on a wooden grip handle and an Aluminum alloy ring that attached with a straight rod.
This MT Bio-Tensor device designed by Iris Bat - Shlomo, an expert therapist on the Master Tapping technique.

Star of DAvid Ring Spinning

The 29mm ring, designed with the"Star of David" symbol originated in ancient Jewish tradition that represents a deeper mystical meaning. The six points of the star represent God’s rule over the universe in all directions: north, south, east, west, up and down. Others believe that the two triangles, which point in opposite directions, are symbols of the duality of human nature or the relationship between God and man.
This designed device helps the patient to become emotionally open to treatment by energy test.
The wooden handle is easy to hold and is designed for a long hour use. It prevents slipping of the hand and is known for its balance with the body posture.

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Biotensor with Straight Antenna and Star of David Ring


Diameters & Weight: 

Ring dia. - 28.8mm, Ring Weight - 12.53g, Total Length - 37cm, Total Weight - 45g


Ring - Aluminum alloy, Kirstie, Rod - Stainless Steel, Handle - Oakwood

The device is dismantled, assembled, and stored in a designated case that comes with the MT Bio-Tensor.

Storage Case for MT Bitotensor

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