About MT Bio-Tensors

The MT Bio-Tensor is a highly sensitive device that can detect subtle movements of the arm and hand muscles. This device is designated for therapists and home use.

Like pendulum and muscle tests, we use Bio-Tensor by asking yes or no questions to discover what's good or bad in many aspects in our lives. It is easy to hold, and the reaction time for answers is quicker.

Biotensor - Enersy Tester Tool for EFT Therapy

Explore Our Professional Bio-Tensor for Therapists

It is actually an energy measurement tool to identify what raises our energy level and what lowers it, according to the yes-no questions we ask. These questions help us to identify things in our lives that can help advance us or block us. When we answer them, our muscles react in a subconscious way through the central nervous system that always knows the truth.

As a result, the paths and decisions we make will be more precise, and can improve the quality of our lives.

According to Chinese medicine, a high energy level contributes to our health and vice versa, therefore it is very important that we know how to identify and eliminate the negative factors from our lives.

EFT Tapping Therapy Integrating diagnostics with Biotensor:

EFT Tapping Therapy Integrating diagnostics with Biotensor

 Every Clinic Should Have Bio-Tensor

EFT Therapists, trainers and advisors can use the Bio-Tensor in order to get quickly, precisely, and conveniently to negative feelings and limiting beliefs of their clients, and so empower and expedite their success.

Dieticians can adapt in a precise and quick manner the recommended diet for their clients with the Bio-Tensor, and also to identify and release negative feelings and limiting belief’s that sabotage them under the guise of success.

.Every Home Should Have Bio-Ttensor

Here are a few examples:

Which foods and supplements can either harm or contribute to our health.

Which steps we should take to reach a certain goal, such as a new job, new house, etc.

What's the best timing to act

Helps us make the best decisions when we are doubtful in every aspect in our lives, big or small.

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