Our Story: The Master Tapping Method

Hello, My Name is Iris Bat-Shlomo.

I am a therapist, and for 25 years have been researching the effects of the subconscious in creating physical and emotional illnesses. This led to the creation of Master Tapping in 2014.

Master Tapping was inspired by EFT, Kinesiology, German New Medicine, and Recall Healing as a natural continuation to the experience in healing and studies that I have acquired over the years.

Iris Bat-Shlomo - FTP Therapist


The technique is based on the scientific assumption that every problem that we deal with is just a symptom for something deeper that is engraved in the subconscious.

The subconscious controls our behavior 95% of the time; beliefs, thoughts, feelings, reactions and decisions that touch all aspects of our lives.

This is actually a pool of information that holds all our history and memories, and influences everything that happens to us without us being aware of it.

The reason for this lies in the fact that out of millions of pieces of information that our brains receive every second, only tens of pieces get to our conscious mind.

The conscious is the part of the brain that is known to us openly, through which we think, use our judgment, and make decisions,  desires, make goals and strive to achieve them. This is also the purpose of the conscious and the ability to distinguish right from wrong.

 When there is a contradiction between what our conscious wants, which is 5%, against our limiting beliefs in the subconscious, which are 95%, it is like the fight between a midget and a giant, where the results are predictable and so in order to fulfill our wants, our desires and goals, we must use the tools and techniques that allow us access to our profound subconscious reserves, to make the difference and not merely suffice with what is on the surface.

Master Tapping is a technique of treatment that has a systematic protocol that is precise, objective and goes straight into the subconscious with the proven ability to search out and release the cause of the problems from their roots.

The process of identifying is carried out with the Bio-Tensor which allows us direct access to the subconscious through yes and no questions, like the muscle testing and pendulum.

Acording the Master tapping Technique, we use the Bio-Tensor to identify what raises our energy level and what lowers it, according to the Yes-No questions we ask. These questions help us to identify things in our lives that can help advance us or block us. When we answer them, our muscles react in a subconscious way through the central nervous system, and always tell the truth. As a result, the paths and decisions we make will be more precise.the release of the problem is done with tapping on the energetic points in the body like in EFT.


Explore our Professional custom-designed MT Bio-Tensors energy tools:
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