Energetic Diagnostic Tool

Discover and release the blocks in your subconscious mind

with fast, accurate & reliable Biotensor

The package includes a solid case and an extra straight rod with a gemstone head

Blog posts

Dec 20, 2021

Is Time an Illusion?

Iris Bat Shlomo

How many of us still believe in a narrow conception of self? When I use a Bio-tensor, pendulum or any other dowsing tool, I tap into a deeper source for guidance. 

Sep 26, 2021

Our Undivided Intelligence Body

Iris Bat Shlomo

We are accustomed to defining and explaining things by using language. Be it language of a formal nature, such as mathematics, or a natural language such as English, signs and symbols permeate our lives.

Sep 3, 2021

Decision Fatigue

Iris Bat Shlomo

I use my Bio-Tensor to guide me when I am facing the larger questions and decisions in my life.

Aug 16, 2021

Bio-Tensors and the Ideomotor Effect

Iris Bat Shlomo

Ideomotor Effect occurs when a person’s unconscious thoughts (‘ideo’) magnifies subtle muscle movements (‘motor’)
MT Biotensor solid storing case

A solid storing case is included to protect your Biotensor

Our MT Bio-tensors are carefully packed in adjustable stiff cylinder packing.

Storing your Biotensor between every use keeps this gentle device from crooking and ensures The Bio-tensor long-lasting integrity.

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