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Discover and release the blocks in your subconscious mind

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MT Biotensor solid storing case

A solid storing case is included to protect your Biotensor

Our MT Bio-tensors are carefully packed in adjustable stiff cylinder packing.

Storing your Biotensor between every use keeps this gentle device from crooking and ensures The Bio-tensor long-lasting integrity.

Therapy Session with Professional Biotensors

What is a Bio-tensor?

The Bio-Tensor is a highly sensitive device that can detect subtle movements of the arm and hand muscles. This device is designated for therapists and home use.

Like pendulum and muscle tests we Use the Bio-Tensor to identify what raises our energy level and what lowers it, according to the Yes-No questions we ask. These questions help us to identify things in our lives that can help advance us or block us. When we answer them, our muscles react in a subconscious way through the central nervous system, and always tell the truth. As a result, the paths and decisions we make will be more precise and can improve the quality of our lives.

Blog posts

Feb 12, 2021

Easily Balance Your Chakras Using a Biotensor

Iris Bat Shlomo

Check with the Biotensor on a daily basis whether your chakras are balanced.   

Feb 12, 2021

Jealous - New Definition

Iris Bat Shlomo

Let’s be honest, everyone at a certain phase in his or her life has felt jealous. Living in all human capacity means allowing yourself to feel jealous and not to disown this painful part that lives in you.

Jan 22, 2021

The Need To Be Right

Iris Bat Shlomo

Self-validation is not about being right nor about trying to “prove” that another person is wrong. Self-validation is about standing up for your truth and validating your experience. It is about advocating for your feelings and supporting your inner child.

Dec 29, 2020

Everyone can develop a connection to the Higher self

Iris Bat Shlomo

The soul is our higher self, the part that knows we are a divine creation that is worthy of love, our own inner love.
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