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Share your affiliate link with your friends and get 12% commission when they buy! So if you are a part of a professional EFT Tapping therapist community or leading your client to adopt their own EFT training method, you can use our 15 years of work on those effective devices we developed and offer them to your community.

How does it work?

1. Register on this following link: Partners

2. Insert your name and your e-mail and create a privet password

3. Log In into your account and set up your Paypal account for your payment receiving

4. Create your own link to share with costumers

What do I earn?

1. You're earning 12% from every purchase on MT Biosensor website.

2.For counting you as the as purchase referral don't forget to send your customer the link you created!

3. Your Share will on the dashboard in 24 hours and you could receive your earning immediately in your Paypal account



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