Strengthen your immune systemagainst the Coronavirus

There are many theories on the effect of the subconscious on our conscious mind and physical body.

Many times when we feel ill or in physical pain, the reason could be a mental one rather than a physical one. 

In this video, Iris shows how to protect our immune system from Covid-19.

This method could be applied to other illnesses as well. We start with a simple muscle test. We extend our dominant arm forward, in a horizontal position to the floor while the therapist tries to lower it down while saying the words "Yes" and "No".

We expect our subconscious to react in a physical way to the word as we attempt to lower the arm. When we say "Yes"; the body is invigorated and can easily resist the pressure. When we say "No"; the body is weakened and cannot resist the pressure. Our subconscious receives the energetic tone of the word which causes our body to react physically.

Next, we try this muscle testing technique using the word Corona/Covid-19. Even though the patient claims she is not afraid of Covid-19 and isn't fearful of contracting it, we see that her subconscious reacts to the word and consequently, her body reacts and her arm cannot resist the pressure, therefore her immune system could struggle against the virus.

We offer a quick master tapping exercise to bust your immune system; take a moment to imagine a protective suit that covers you from head to toe, with a zipper in the front that traces the central meridian and an oxygen balloon with an endless supply. We now imagine how we tighten the suit around our body and close the zipper from under the navel all the way to the top and lock it.

This suit is hermetically sealed, nothing can penetrate it. In the video, you can see that Iris tests once more Barbara's energetic strength, and this time Barbara's subconscious is able to withstand the pressure of Iris's arm.

This muscle testing shows the effect of the exercise on Barbara's energetic flow and consequently, her immune system. You can repeat this exercise up to 3 times a day to help deal with the stress, fear, and uncertainty of this pandemic that surrounds us these days.


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