Programming the Subconscious using a Homeopathic Mantra


A mantra is a phrase, word or sound that is repeated to embed our desires and goals into a subconscious mind that is about 95% of the brain.

Thoughts are the most powerful force in the world and the factor that controls and creates our reality, the physical world, and the material.

Mahatma Gandhi said: "A single thought when it is clear and firm can defeat an empire."

There are many studies that prove that a positive and empowering, repetitive inner talk reduces emotional stress, improves bodily functions, and strengthens the immune system.

On the contrary, negative inner talk weakens the person on the physical and mental level and damages the immune system.

In recent decades, the brain has been shown to be a dynamic organ with endless adaptability and at any age, we can make significant changes.

Any word, sentence, or sound that has a positive intention can be a mantra and yet, I believe that a mantra created by the homeopathic principle is influential in a deep and very fast way to the subconscious.



The homeopathic mantra is based on 3 principles of homeopathic treatment only with a mantra instead of a remedy:

1. Like Cure Like: Every phenomenon that exists in our world began as an idea and so we must make sure that our thoughts are aligned with the purpose.

2. Individuality: Much like the homeopathic remedy that is personalized to each person, the homeopathic mantra is personalized to the needs and personality of the person.

3. Minimum Dose for Maximum Effect: The homeopathic remedy is diluted in a technique that allows the substance of the material to be preserved. Thus in the homeopathic mantra, we create a meaningful and brief mantra from a significant and extensive vocabulary.

The Process

Step 1: We begin by assuming that the goal has already been achieved and with great success.

Step 2: We prepare a list of words, as long as possible (at least 30 words), of positive feelings and emotions that I have as a person who has achieved this goal.

Step 3: The mantra includes 5-7 words only and one must test, energetically*, whether is includes 5, 6 or 7 words.

Step 4: By means of a test of energy*, each word that appears on the list we prepared is examined to determine whether it should be included in the mantra or not.

We write on the side every word that the test indicates "yes" until the total number required for the mantra is reached (5, 6, or 7).

Step 5: The form of the mantra is as follows:
I am + the chosen words + this has already happened, thank you!!!**


Achievement in the outside world is always a product of the internal picture


* Pendulum/ Biotensor/ Muscle Test/ Blinking or intuition.

** Examples:

5 words mantra for intimacy – I am exciting, happy, authentic, connected and sexy. This has already happened, thank you!!!

6 words mantra for fulfillment – I am loving, complete, satisfied, connected, meaningful and fascinating. This has already happened, thank you!!!

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