Is Time an Illusion?

Einstein once wrote that “to us physicists, a distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion”. Einstein is confident in this assertion because many of modern physics’ most important laws are time-symmetric—whether the “arrow of time” is going towards the future or towards the past, the physics that these laws describe is the same. Perhaps the past and the future are irrelevant to modern physics, but don’t physical theories depend on the point-of-view of an observer in the present? I will show how this is wrong and why the ‘present’ is also an illusion.

It has been experimentally shown that the speed of light is finite. Light takes about 1 second to travel 200,000 km. So, when we look at something and see it in the ‘present moment’ we are actually always seeing it in the past. Let us demonstrate by using a familiar distant object, it takes the light emitted from the sun around 8 minutes to reach the earth. So, when you look outside at the sun, you are actually seeing the sun as it was 8 minutes ago. In most people’s minds when you look at the sun you see it in the “present”. But an absolute “present” doesn’t exist. The sun could have blown up, but for 8 whole minutes you will continue to see it hanging in the sky.

Our naïve perception that time consists of an arrow that goes from the past to the future persists despite it having no basis in physical reality. Human beings project sequences of past, present, and future on to what are really a complex network of events. It is because of our ignorance as limited beings who cannot grasp the fulness of the world that we project psychological time on to a timeless reality. Some thinkers have said that it is the past and the future that are the illusions, and that all that exists is the present moment. I think Einstein is right, it is the past, future, and the present moment that are all illusions. If you can get outside of the psychological time that limits us, then you may start your journey beyond the appearances of change and realize that there exists a timeless reality.

The point of this article is to show how narrow conceptions limit our understanding of reality. In the case of time, it was the narrow conception of ‘time as an arrow’ that stood in the way of the realization that time is an illusion. But we still labor under other illusions. How many of us still believe in a narrow conception of self? When I use a Biotensor, pendulum or any other dowsing tool, I tap into a deeper source for guidance. I move beyond the narrow illusory conception of self by channeling, what I call, my true self. Some people call it channeling your unconscious energy, or your intuition; in reality, where the answer comes from matters much less than whether you can channel that energy and receive real insight. What matters is whether you can bypass the indecision and the loops of repeated behaviors in order to reach an answer that is aligned with your true self.

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