Our Undivided Intelligence Body

We are accustomed to defining and explaining things by using language. Be it language of a formal nature, such as mathematics, or a natural language such as English, signs and symbols permeate our lives. Plato, for example, famously wrote “[s]he who can properly define and divide is to be considered a god”.

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 Foundational to modern science, such ideas allowed us to formulate the clear and explanatory theories of the world with which we are now most familiar. With the growing success of scientific theories, however, we start forgetting that gathering empirical data is only but one way of learning about reality. Some are even guilty of taking Plato’s words at face-value in thinking that we deserve to be compared to gods because of our “triumphs” over nature.

While a successful scientific theory allows us to split the atom and to build nuclear weapons, we have no evidence that a similarly constructed theory, based on an empirical approach, could explain the innerworkings of the soul. It would be hubris to think that the same methods found in scientific discourse are applicable to all aspects of our lives.

And yet, such an empirical method is superimposed onto areas such as psychology: we find ourselves reading books or magazines emphasizing the quantifiable aspects of human experience instead of the deeper, more personally significant ones.

 Just like the language of science threatens to become the language of “truth”, humanistic discourse falls prey to the same dangers. Namely, the advice we are given remains impersonal, and all notion of intuition is erased and replaced by an ever-changing cycle of theories about human beings.

In the West, such a scientific-mechanistic lens has done wonders for material progress, but it lacks the more introspective insights found in Eastern traditions. Rather than defining and dividing to reach wisdom, as Plato prescribed, Eastern philosophies offer alternative forms of truth-seeking such as meditating on non-dualism and the illusory nature of self.

 In doing so, we arrive at the realization of the undividedness of the universe. Once we have meditated long enough on this truth and become more aligned with the energy within, we start to learn about the ways to consciously channel its power.

Most people do not realize that our bodies contain an undivided intelligence that is different in kind to the one attributable simply to minds. Our body has within it a system of inner guidance, one to which we can direct simple yes/no questions.

 By using a sensitive tool, such as the Bio-Tensor, you will be able to receive direct answers to these questions. It is time to move beyond signs and symbols and to channel the energy of our body to make the intuitive right decision in the moment.

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