The fastest tapping technique to make decisions

We all have to make many decisions during life, some more significant than others and sometimes this can involve frustration and fear, that choosing one option means giving upon another by choosing a different path.

The choice of one option causes a great deal of stress because perhaps the choice is wrong. Maybe the other options are better. Undecided, making lists of pros and cons, consulting others and still tormented and yet still unable to decide. Decision- making can be tough as there is always the feeling that the grass is greener on the other side. At the subconscious level, choosing one option and giving up another option is as important to our lives as the oxygen we breathe and that is why it is difficult for us to make decisions.

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The trachea splits in the chest into two main bronchi, right and left, which carry oxygen to the lungs. In the body-mind aspect, the split point represents the conflict in decision- making. The fastest tapping technique allows us to get clarity simply and quickly by tapping on the energetic point below the clavicle. Tap the point below the clavicle, while saying all the reasons in favor of option A and in the same way tap all the reasons in favor of option B. If there are more than 2 choices, do the same for each of the additional options.

After you have finished tapping,  go back to all the options and tap for each one all the reasons why not to choose it. Sometimes it happens that during the process other pros and cons arise that you were not aware of and that's great as this is part of the process. Tap them too. Tapping and talking on each of the options allows you to give voice and respect to all the parts in you, both those for and against.

When you are done, close your eyes and breathe slowly for a few seconds. Check if the tension has dropped and if you can choose between the options. If you are still unable to make a decision, let go for a while and repeat the process until you succeed.

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