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The “Biotensor” device is in fact, an evolution of the classic pendulum used for hundreds of years.

The “Biotensor” device is built from a lean rod averaging at 10 inches, ending with a metal ring averaging at 100 gr. These special features allow the “Biotensor” device to react immediately to any movement or gentle vibration sent by the hand holding the device.

The device movement derives from the holding hand's position and the metal rods elasticity which provides a gentler movement in comparison to the classic pendulum, where the movement is circular, changeable, and requires higher control by the therapist’s grip. The “Biotensor” reacts to the movement controlled by the metal rod- presenting immediately with a left to right movement or an up and down movement. These clear presentations allow the therapist to draw quick conclusions with the use of “Yes or No” questions.

The MT “Biotensor” device is available with 2 metal rod options- the first, straight and short in range, requires longer, more controlled, and attentive operating motion. This device fits therapists experienced with pendulum work. The second “Biotensor” option, provides an effortless obtained results thanks to the added spring that enlarges the range of motion and offers the therapist an accurate answer not affected by the hand’s involuntary movement. This device is more suitable for therapists beginning to incorporate the “Biotensor” in their therapy routine and in need of swift, clear, effortless results while developing the required control for the device.

With years of experience in the EFT method using the “Biotensor", it is without a doubt that the device provides a quicker, more accurate, less tiring work experience. Within seconds, and a light motion the device produces refined precise answers.

In the past, when I was using a pendulum and later the prototype of the "Biotensor" (which had a longer, bendier brass rod measured in 12 inches with a 40 gr. Ring attachment) often the answers would take longer to appear and I would have to repeat the question 2-3 times in order to understand the result I was getting. The circular movement delivered, especially in the initial period of using the device, would be energy and attention consuming, and would require high concentration which came at the expense of my attention to the patient in front of me. Today, after a year-long developing process focusing on perfecting the device to the desired reaction speed, accuracy, and user experience, I am pleased to announce that I've reached my goal- an esthetic device, with a comfortable grip which provides an effortless examination, without overexerting my concentration and therefore effectively covering and diagnosing more subject matters during the session and directing my full energy towards a solution. 

The "Master Tapping" technique derives from the EFT method- which is based on tapping motions along the meridian points on our body thus echoing refined messages into our energetic system. The “Master Tapping” specializes in the incorporation of a diagnostic tool to detect both physical and emotional pain and finding insights and patterns which stimulate us in order to “surgically remove” the risen problems in session.  
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