Comfortable Wooden Grip

After years of experience in the EFT and Master Tapping techniques, and hours of working using a pendulum and muscle testing; I found myself in search of a better way to get the results and answers I was looking for in order to help my patients achieve their goals, unlock their subconscious, and relieve them from their emotional and physical energetic blocks. As many of you therapists out there know, the usage of a pendulum or muscle testing could be very tiring to the holding arm, as the holding hand’s position is straightened forward away from the therapist’s body. This position is difficult to sustain and straining on the arm, which could affect the accuracy of the answers given by the pendulum as the holding arm tires.

Thanks to the wooden grip, and the light weight of our Bio-tensor device, I can maintain my examination for longer, get quicker, more accurate answers. The wooden handle provides a comfortable, non-slippery, fitted grip that could be maintained for longer periods of time. The Bio-tensor device is held with the holding arm close to the body; therefore, the arm doesn’t tire as much.

Since I transitioned to using the Bio-tensor in my practice, the effectiveness and accuracy of my treatment have increased immensely.
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