Spiritual Symbols Rings of Biotensor

EFT Therapy - Biosensor Device Custom Design

Over the years and the professional experience I have accumulated, I have met many patients. Some are easily devoted to the treatment and allow themselves to open up comfortably into the process, others, who not experienced a therapeutic process involving working with a pendulum or Biotensor have a natural tendency to question this unique device that is so dominant during treatment.

I chose to design the Biotensor's rings with symbols of deep spiritual significance that first create a connection from a meaningful visual-aesthetic place and allow the patient through the first session to feel a connection to the process and to link the healing approach to his sentimental perception related to the symbol.



Spiritual Symbols For Biotensors Rings

My therapist's community I work with daily testify that at the beginning of each new client's therapy session, it starts with a discussion about this special device, its symbol, and its symbolism in our lives and by that allows for more pleasant diving into the treatment process.

The symbols I chose for this collection:

The rings are decorated with symbols having spiritual meaning like Infinity, Waves & Star of David, which empower the healing.

1. Star Of David Symbol:

The 29mm ring, designed with the"Star of David" symbol originated in ancient Jewish tradition that represents a deeper mystical meaning. The six points of the star represent God’s rule over the universe in all directions: north, south, east, west, up and down. Others believe that the two triangles, which point in opposite directions, are symbols of the duality of human nature or the relationship between God and man.

Explore Our Star of David Symbol with The Spring Rod Bio-Tensor

Explore Our Star of David Symbol with The Straight Rod Bio-Tensor

Star of David Symbol for Ring

2. Infinity Symbol:

The 32mm ring, designed with the Infinity symbol that represents mysticism of our past and the possibility for eternal emotional liberty. 

Explore Our Infinity Symbol with The Spring Rod Bio-Tensor

Explore Our Infinity Symbol with The Straight Rod Bio-Tensor

 Infinity Symbol

3. Waves Symbol:

The 30mm ring, designed with the Waves symbol that representing one of the strongest forces on earth. a metaphor to be more peaceful in life, and not allow life to make you stagnant no matter the circumstances.

Explore Our Wave Symbol with The Spring Rod Bio-Tensor

Explore Our Wave Symbol with The Straight Rod Bio-Tensor

Waves Symbol



Sincerely Yours

Iris Bat-Shlomo


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