Changing your beliefs using Tapping

There are many ways to release confining and limiting beliefs. Here I offer a powerful, fun, and special technique for you to use and treat your patients, family members, and friends using a measuring tape.   

 Before we begin

Make a list of all the negative, limiting beliefs you’re wishing to get rid of

(I recommend starting with 2-5 beliefs)




Step 1

Each person drinks a bit of water, takes a deep breath, and then tap using 2 fingers (index and middle fingers) the middle section of your upper lip for 10 seconds and then do the same on your chin.

Step 2

We target the principal and most meaningful belief on our patient’s list. We do that using energetic tools such as the Bio-tensor, muscle testing, pendulum, or blinking to Yes/No questions. 

Step 3

While standing facing each other, we ask the patient to extend their arms forward and to hold their palm together. Then, ask them to open their hands sideways as far as they can.

We explain that in this technique, the palm tightened together represent the strong bondage of the belief. Like superglue. The opening of the hands represents the release and absolute freedom from the limiting belief.  

Step 4

We ask the patient to repeat the action and extend their hands forward with their palms stuck together, hold for a few seconds as they slowly breathe with their eyes closed, focusing on the chosen limiting belief.

Allow them to emotionally connect to the limiting belief. After about a minute, ask them to open their hands sideways, creating a distance in a way that represents the distancing of oneself from the limiting belief.

Step 5

While their arms are opened, we check using one of the energetic tools (Bio-tensor, muscle testing, pendulum, or blinking) whether the distance between the hands reflects the distance in the subconscious.

If so, we measure the distance between the hands using the measuring tape and write down the number measured. 

Step 6

We sit and tap using the EFT on the belief.

Step 7

We stand, and we ask the patient to hold their palms together, extending their arms forward, with their eyes closed, breathing, and once more, open their arms wide.

We measure once more the distance created between the hands and write the number down. Usually, the distance between the hands becomes bigger after the tapping treatment, which reflects the weakening of the limiting belief.

We continue the same process as needed until the patient's arms are fully open and they report that the belief becomes moot.



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