Ethics rules with regard to our clients

The principles outlined below allow for a professional and appropriate approach towards the clients who seek our help.

1. The Biotensor is not a polygraph

We will only use a Biotensor for pure purposes and without manipulation!

Yes / No questions should not be asked about the fate of people, such as:

  • Sexual tendencies, illnesses, lies, betrayals and more
  • Make medical diagnoses
  • Request for information about another person
  • Predicting the future in any field
  • Gambling of any kind

Master Tapping Session with Biotensor

2. Customers instead of patients

I recommend that we look at those who contact us for help as customers who receive a service, and not as patients.

It is much more than semantics - it is more respectful and humble and indicates equal relationships between the client and the service provider rather than the hierarchy of therapist and patient.

3. Do not guarantee that treatment will help like magic

It is unprofessional and unethical to ensure that treatment is like magic, because every person is different and what one person has released “like magic”, in someone else can take much longer. We can promise that, as a result of each treatment, small changes will occur that gradually accumulate to a large and significant change.

4Do not commit to the number of sessions

We have no idea, and no one else has any idea, how long it will take for the complete solution of a problem. At each meeting, we release different aspects of the problem and the customer will feel the change and decide how much he is willing to invest in further treatment.

5. Attentive and dedicated to the client

It's only fair that the client gets our full attention during the meeting but naturally, there are situations in which we are not 100% focused.

Be sure to drink water while meeting, both you and the client, breathe slowly and deeply, rub the palms of one's hands together to raise the energy level and any brief activity that can bring you back to full focus. This is good for both us and the customer!

6. Protecting customer privacy

Sometimes the results are so exciting that it is hard to resist sharing with other people. It's okay if we make sure to blur the personal information so that no one anywhere in the world can identify who the customer is.

7. Don't judge by the results

We must remember that we are doing the best for our customer and with the purest intent and therefore, even when the results are "not good enough" and if the client is disappointed, it is important that we remain relaxed, patient and at peace with ourselves.

8Do not do therapy if you do not feel safe

It is important that we connect with ourselves and feel if we are able to deal with a particular customer or problem. If the person or problem puts pressure on us in any way - do not do the treatment!

9. Positive attitude in every situation

Even when the client is late for a meeting, cancels or leaves us and even if he or she is dissatisfied with the treatment or with us, we maintain a positive attitude towards him and the situation.



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