Everyone can develop a connection to the Higher self

We are led to believe that being ordinary is not good enough, we must aspire to be extraordinary. This limited belief takes us hostage and causes us so much grief and pain.
Each one of us is unique and by definition is extraordinary.

Yet, our inner critic is such a strong constant force in us. It tells us how others are better than us, how we don't fit in and rarely measure up. It sounds so real, so confident that we let this voice abuse us and torture us.

This voice comes from the ego. Its intention is to help us hide our flaws, so no one will know, Hush!, however, it truly can devastate our lives. The ego is our false self, the part that relies on external messages to feel loved and important. 

The soul is our higher self, the part that knows we are a divine creation that is worthy of love, our own inner love.

The ego will define worth in a completely different manner than the soul:
For the ego, being popular, glamorous, best achiever, good looking and wealthy symbolize worth. Essentially, what is your worth without a resume’ of impressive achievements. The list actually goes on and on, because no matter how much you have, it is not enough to truly feel worthy. 

For the soul worthiness is not measured by the amount of friends you have, by what people say about you, by how pretty you are, by what possessions you acquire nor the career you hold. All of these do not give a person any true value. The real value lies within you. Worthiness is something that can never be taken away from you. Worth is an inner knowing that you matter, you occupy space on earth, you are a valuable part of creation. You come from a powerful force that enables you to breathe life every second of the day. This is your only true value.

We have all seen people that had a whole long list of achievements and still went on earth feeling worthless and empty. We all know people who according to the ego’s definition of Worth, “Got it all”, yet they are unhappy, depressed and angry. 

What are they truly missing? Could it be that they are missing the divine connection to their soul, to their true value, to the energy of creation that lives in them.

The good news is that everyone can develop a connection to the higher self, cause everyone has a SELF.  In the process of discovering the SELF, we may need to clear many layers of negative beliefs.

Using a Biotensor or Pendulum can help you find the limiting beliefs that keep you from connecting to the higher self and And release them by EFT tapping or Master tapping.

Galia Azori, Toronto, Canada

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