Decision Fatigue

Our freedom to choose is arguably what defines us as human beings. However, it is not without its downsides. Both the mundane activities like choosing among an endless number of similar food products and the important activities like choosing a life partner are becoming more and more difficult and for the same reason: Too many choices. We are overloaded with choices and information, and when there are so many alternatives to choose from our brain starts to experience decision-fatigue.

Too many choices - MT Biotensor

Not everyone reacts to decision-fatigue in the same way. Different reactions may correspond to different personality types. On one side of the spectrum are the people who end up avoiding deciding at all. On the other side are those who will skip analysis all together and make an impulsive and rash decision.  But what afflicts everyone regardless of their personality type is the impaired self-regulation that occurs after being overwhelmed by too many choices.

Impaired self-regulation is the idea that after having to choose among so many alternatives, we are “using up” our energy to make higher-order decisions. Effectively, we have a limited capacity for decision-making in our day-to-day lives. And by overusing such a capacity, we lose the ability to regulate the rest of our lives, and thus, the possibility of achieving peace of mind. This is where dowsing tools such as the Bio-Tensor make their appearance on the stage. Instead of using up our limited energy to make decisions, the Bio-Tensor will help you interact with your subconscious which in turn will provide you direction and courage to make the right choice.

I use my Bio-Tensor to guide me when I am facing the larger questions and decisions in my life. I find that it taps into something deeper, and that I am more attuned to the humming forces of the Universe when I use it. This sensitive bio-energetic tool has helped me to find answers by both breaking down the barriers of anxiety that make normal decision making so hard, and by putting myself in touch with a deeper self. The answers that I arrive at when using my Bio-Tensor are unexpected, creative, and most importantly, harmonious with my true desires.

Using Biotensor - MT Biotensor

I am asking you to give dowsing tools a try. I don’t want your freedom-to-choose to turn into an anxiety producing burden. Each and every one of us knows what decisions will help us lead a more harmonious life, a Bio-Tensor simply helps to channel that energy that already exists within us.


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