Biotensor & Tapping: Dealing with Breast Cancer


In 2012, Regina discovered that she has a violent type of breast cancer. 

The oncologists recommended to Regina to first undergo a full mastectomy of the breast and later on to have a second surgery to reconstruct the affected breast.

Regina followed the advice she got and passed both surgeries. Soon after the second surgery, Regina started to suffer from acute pain in the reconstructed breast, unbearable itchiness, and numbness.

The skin that was taken from her stomach to reconstruct the breast felt numb. Moreover, on top of the pain, the itchiness was in a deep layer of the tissues, and Regina's fingers couldn't get deep enough to reach the itchiness. 

In an interview with Regina, she stated the following:
" I wanted to feel my breast so much, so I pressed as hard as I could with my fingers, and still couldn't feel a thing. The need to itch was constant and unbearable. Because my breast was numb and I couldn't feel the pressure I put, I itched until I was bleeding and I caused myself more injuries and pain.

I heard about Master Tapping and decided to try this holistic method that uses Biotensor and Tapping. I was hoping that Master Tapping will assist me to explore and release from the subconscious mind the core reasons that led to my breast cancer.

In one of the treatments with Iris, I told her about the continuous numbness and itchiness in the reconstructed breast. I explained to her how it tremendously affects the quality of life. Iris said that we can treat this issue as well, and not only the root and causes of cancer.

With Iris's expertise and her unique approach to Tapping, using the
Biotensor a tool to access the subconscious mind, I got wonderful results. I truly, couldn't believe that with the help of Master Tapping, I will release all the energies that caused me so much grief and suffering. 

The reconstructed breast was revived!

The pain disappeared and the itchiness was significantly reduced. I can feel my breast now as I feel any other organ in my body.

In addition, the color of the reconstructed breast that used to look different from the rest of my skin started to change color and to match the rest of my body's skin." 


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