Tapping to the infinity

Infinity symbol guided excursuses to improve learning and performance abilities.

EFT Training with the Infinity Symbol


With 25 years of experience in the EFT method, I’ve found myself intrigued by the effects of the subconscious in creating physical and emotional illnesses. Which led to the creation of the Master Tapping technique in 2014.

With the tutorial in front of you, you can improve every aspect of your life, anytime, anywhere, using the infinity - ∞ tapping method.

Tapping is an easily done action, that resembles acupuncture which includes light tapping motion using your fingers on specific meridian points along your body and face without the usage of needles.

There’s no need for any previous knowledge in order to use this manual!

Anything and everything is changeable and tappable

 Life can be much easier and enjoyable when we come to the understanding that our emotional and physical pain is the product of energetic blocks in our body and mind, which can be easily released by a light tapping motion on a few meridian points along the body. 

The tapping motion releases the negative, oppressive, and unnerving feelings, which block the healthy emotional and physical flow.

Brain researchers believe that only several minutes of tapping a day can influence our genes, health, and behavior.

EFT Tapping

The power of the ∞ Infinity symbol

The infinity sign which appears as a horizontal eight holds a deep meaning for spirituality, power, beauty, love. It represents the balance between the worlds, between upwards and downwards, between spirit and matter, between the psyche and the soul. At a time where we face many distractions and complications, the infinity symbol bears a reminder of the endless possibilities available to us.

During the ∞ practice, we achieve spontaneous and simultaneous access to all neuro functions, interbody communications, and external communications with our surroundings.

A fast, easy, flowing, and accessible connection is formed between the right side of the brain and the left side. The eye muscles become more flexible, the coordination and, concentration abilities improve immensely.

Brain explorers believe there's a direct connection between exercising the ∞ method regularly, and the improvement of learning abilities and performance in all life aspects you choose to practice for.

The power of combining

The infinity tapping motion allows us to release the energetic, mental, emotional, and physical blocks we experience in a swift, enhanced manner that ensues elevation in our health, physical and mental strength, confidence, happiness, clarity, and peace in our day to day life.



Infinity symbol guided exercises:

Chapter #1

Cleansing your heart from difficult people- a small action for great results. Read more

Chapter #2

Relinquish melancholy- a small action for great results. Read more

Chapter #3

Stabilizing your moods and energy- a small action for great results. Read more

Chapter #4

Self-expression improvement - a small action for great results. Read more

Chapter #5

Goal implementation in the brain - a small action for great results. Read more

Chapter #6

Increase your concentration- a small action for great results. Read more

Chapter #7: 

Physical pain relief - a small action for great results. Read more


©Iris Bat-Shlomo. All rights reserved

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