Tapping to the infinity - Chapter #3

EFT Training - Tapping Chapter 3

Stabilizing your moods and energy- a small action for great results.

Here’s a brief and wonderful exercise to help both children and adults who tend towards being uneasy, restless, or hyperactive to moderate their energy and mood.

It is advised to perform the exercise along with the child, furthermore, this exercise fits anyone struggling with stress, restlessness, or uneasy feelings.

While laying down or sitting hug yourself, crossing your hands, and placing them on top of your chest, tucking your palms under your armpits while your thumbs are free and pointing upwards.

Maintain this position as you take 8 slow and deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth with tight lips.

The hugging and breathing allow you to relax and connect to the center of your heart.

Continue the hugging position, the deep slow breathing, with closed eyes, as you imagine yourself painting your heart in a green or pinkish color.

When you reach a clear picture, continue imagining a golden ∞ sign drawn on your heart.

Begin the motion to the left and upwards several times and then change directions, starting at the center moving to the right and upwards.

This is the time to start tapping- release the hug and tap the ∞ sign on top of your heart, using the same directions as imagined before.



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