Tapping to the infinity - Chapter #4

EFT Training - Tapping Chapter 4

Self-expression improvement - a small action for great results. 

In this exercise, we’ll use the ∞ sign tapping on our throat only, which acts as the self-expression outlet of our body using the vocal cords.

Before any important conversation, personal or professional, perform this exercise for 2-3 minutes without interruptions and discover that you’re calmer, more serene, confident, and more effective.

This exercise could be wonderful for children or adults suffering from a stutter which originates in an emotional source.

Step 1

Imagine your throat painted in blue externally, and internally draw a white ∞ sign.

Begin drawing using your throat, upwards and leftwards until you complete the symbol.

Repeat multiple times and then change directions, starting from the center upwards and rightwards multiple times.

Step 2

Tap externally the ∞ sign on your throat multiple times again starting upwards and leftwards, and then change directions as described before (Step 1). 



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