Tapping to the infinity - Chapter #5

EFT Training - Tapping Chapter 5

Goal implementation in the brain - a small action for great results

Many of us are familiar with the saying “thought creates reality”, and understand furthermore that there’s a direct connection between what we think and the reality that unfolds before us.

When we set different goals for ourselves: weight loss, income, relationships, etc. Sometimes we think positively and yet, reality comes and bites us in our behinds.

For example; an overweight person often thinks about themselves in terms of failure, self-loathing, and hatred towards their body, behavior, and habits.

Positive thinking could defiantly contribute to the process of losing weight. It elevates the spirits and morale, supports the dietary change, and acts as a tailwind, pushing onwards towards achieving the goal.

Unfortunately, a history of many years of self-flagellation and negative thoughts are difficult habits to relinquish. Often times we relapse and forget to think positively, we return beaten to our automatic negative thought.

Here’s a simple and enjoyable exercise for goal implementation in our brains:

Step 1

Define briefly the goal you wish to set for yourselves- be specific. Draw using a pencil a large ∞ sign on an A4/A5/letter head paper and write the goal inside both circles.

Start drawing over the ∞ sign from the center upwards and leftwards and then change directions and repeat.

Keep going over the symbol repeatedly, preserving the original size and shape without stepping out the lines.

As you continue to draw over the symbol, trace your hand movement with your eyes allowing your brain to absorb the goal written and set by you inside the circles of the ∞ sign.

This practice engages both hemispheres of the brain and allows them to fully synchronize as one.

Scientists call a state where the brain operates simultaneously, synchronized and harmoniously- “Super-brain” or “Super-learning”.

At this ideal state of the brain, it is able to learn and absorb vast quantities of new information rapidly and efficiently.

Step 2

Tap using your fingers over the ∞ symbol drawn on the page. As you tap, follow your hand movement with your eyes.

EFT Tapping exercise : Infinity Symbol

My recommendation for a quick result- perform this exercise at your pleasure for a minimum of 3 times a day for at least 3 minutes each time.



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